Friday, June 29, 2007

Many Universes

I look out my window. There are birds flying in the trees. Bees pollinating. My eyes are crusty. The clouds are big. If you watch closely, you see them moving. Planes fly. I look at the map of the world behind me, the moon diagram by its side.

We're flying through the air, in a lucid dream. We hit the top of the atmosphere, the stars sweating, coming closer. Slowly we increase our size. The sun is in our hand. We eat Earth like an apple.

And I continue to grow. The solar systems, the galaxies, cosmic dust spinning at me at light speed, heavier and faster than the blackness surrounding me. Forever.

And then, I hit a wall, fall into another dimension, another universe. The universal biology changes. Science here is completely undiscovered by our kind. Limits of "a universe" fall apart.

Thousands of big bangs splash around us. Millions, billions, trillions, googolplex's of universes. The universe has is not infinite. Existence is.

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